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7 Hilarious K-Pop Idol Opposite Sex Look-Alikes



Sometimes, it’s almost unreal how similar K-Pop idols look, especially to another of the opposite sex! SHINee’s Taemin and Bae Dahye looked so identical some of our readers have problems telling them apart! Check out our full list below of a bunch of different look-alikes.

Here’s our feature titled, “7 Hilarious K-Pop Idol Opposite Sex Look-Alikes”

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Its been a week and still can’t get over my feels…

I wish the concert was longer and time didn’t fly so fast

"in cards and flowers on your window
your friends all plead for you to stay

sometimes beginnings aren’t so simple
sometimes good bye’s the only way”

#StayStrongLadiesCode #RIPRise #RIPEunB

(Source: monoka, via woonitized)

9 Adorable Ulzzang Kids You Should Be Following



Sometimes idols aren’t the only people that you can follow from Korea. Ulzzangs have tons of followers, ranging from the regular K-Pop fans to the more dedicated ones. But did you know there were ulzzang kids?

Check out our new feature titled, "9 Adorable Ulzzang Kids You Should Be Following"

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Me spazzing on Baro’s flying kiss…

lol XD

V singing Home
such a soulful voice
from Episode 6 of AHL

8 Incredible K-Pop Concerts Held In The Philippines



K-Pop concerts have been all over the world, and we’ve decided to feature some of the best ones held in different countries! This week’s featured country is the Philippines, in our list titled "8 Incredible K-Pop Concerts Held In The Philippines"

1. Super Junior World Tour — Super Show 5

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